“Always give the best – Give Love!”


Petra Dorst

Petra Dorst born in the Netherlands (1976) Has had a strong motivation to create ever since she was young.

Art isn’ t made, no it comes from within you! It is a search and you have to weigh a lot. “What and how can I capture something that touches the viewer?’’

This can be done with abstract or figurative sculptures. Her last series has a humorous side, uncomplicated art which makes you happy.

Because of her many years of experience, she can use the beautiful raw materials like bronze, gold and silver in her sculptures. There are an endless amount of possibilities and techniques.

The series “Connected” has everything which has to do with love, affection and friendship, these abstract sculptures variate from tables to bronze sculptures and also in a jewelry line of silver you can see the same shapes occur.

The trick is to show people that what touches and intrigues you. The purpose of art is to let others enjoy the sculpture, whether it’ s big or small.