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We are distinctive as a gallery because of our high-quality art; and quality is of paramount importance to us. Art is often seen as an investment and that is how we view our Art Collection. National and International Artists with allure are represented in our collection. As an art lover, we want to advise you personally and walk the road together to determine which art suits your situation.

Every day you should enjoy your purchase, whether it is big or small. Our years of experience also taught us that….be careful…. when you have purchased something, more will soon follow.

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Lease & Collect plan for businesses

Art is for everybody
The appearance of appropriate Art gives your company extra attraction. If you want to enrich your company with our art, but you don’t know what suits you yet, you can opt for the business “Lease & Collect Plan”. This is a subscription in which there is the option of having 3 to 5 works of art, in various price ranges, placed in your company interior. You can make a switch every six months. The Collect plan means that half of your subscription fee is set aside for you, so that you can “save” for the artwork of your choice. The subscription fees vary from € 500 to € 2500 per month depending on the quantity and value of the sculptures/wall art to be leased. At the end of the year, you can choose the sculpture that you want to add to your personal art collection. Are you interested in this? Please contact us via our contact form.

Advice & Exhibition

We advise and exhibit at various locations.
To find the right piece for your puzzle and to give you an idea of how the sculptures are made, you will be given a tour of the bronze foundry. Personal contact is very important to us, during the conversation we can give you tailor-made advice to find out together where your interest and love for art lies, in order to make the best choice for a sculpture or wall art.

Your personal wishes are taken into account with regard to the size or colour scheme of the relevant artwork. We also offer the possibility of a trial placement at your home, so you can see the sculpture in your own environment.

From time to time, we organize special events in our Art Gallery and exhibit at various locations. Information and updates can be found under NEWS or subscribe to our newsletter. Our gallery is connected to a large network of well known artists in the Netherlands and abroad.

Additional services

We not only supply the artworks, but also offer additional services such as arranging a custom plinth, personally placing the art on location and arranging insured transport. The transport is completely taken care of for you to your front door if you wish, a custom-made transport box is designed around each sculpture, so that you receive your artwork in perfect condition. We have worldwide experience with transport. Of course, if possible, we prefer to bring your artwork to you ourselves as personal contact is very important to us.

Twice a month, we offer our customers a look behind the scenes in which you can visit the workshop and experience the bronze casting. If you are interested, you can request for it via the contact form.

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