“Always give the best – Give Love!”


Anna Bocek


Everything that surrounds me directly influences the topics of my works, however, the most important source of inspiration is always the theatre, I don’t mean only the space itself but human being existing in it with the peculiar nature. I do not try to reconstruct reality nor comment on it. I rather consider my painting as studies of emotions and sensual experiences and treat it as an intimate diary of complexity and diversity of human nature.

Anna Bocek was born in 1973 in Gdansk Poland, She studied at the Nat. Academy of Fine Arts. In 1997 she won the price “Shakespearen Set Designer Project” at the Theatrum Gedanense Fundatrion in Gdansk. She won numerous awards during her career, such as the International artist symposium” prize Studio at the Danube Australia.

  • Artiest: Anna Bocek

  • Thema: Wall Art

  • Materiaal: Schilderij