After attending the art academy in Den Bosch, Iris first entered the business world before becoming an artist in 2007. Since then, she has been working full-time on her paintings which have continuously grown with her over the years.

Feminine grace
What you might first notice is the modest grace as they reveal their inner landscape: A narrative view that feels hopeful at the same time.

The warmth of rust
Nowadays Iris is looking for the perfect balance between realism and abstraction within this theme. Characteristic of her current work is the rust caused by the use of iron paste. The warm colours of rust contrast beautifully with the grey tones of the background.
Over the years she has built up her portraits with all kinds of materials that give the skin its own character with structure instead of a smooth perfect skin. A reflection of their inner beauty/character.

Her passion for great work contributes to the style that she has adopted. Iris will continue to search for new insights to visualize feminine grace with a touch of nature. Growing up in a forest area in the Netherlands, the love for flora and fauna is present in her works as organic forms that depict the more abstract parts of the artwork. Her work is purchased both nationally and internationally.

“Open your eyes and dream!”

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