“Art is something personal”

Abstract art, in my mind, is intangible, pure intuition. It can touch you emotionally in inexplicable ways and needs no explanation. While painting, I try to capture a mystery of what cannot be seen but is present. Combining colors on canvas and releasing my creativity is an expression of my soul, something that has always been there but was not expressed. As a child I was already fascinated by mixing colors in outfits and everything related to interior design, fashion and styling.

Gold has also always had a huge appeal to me and is a beautiful natural product that exudes a certain allure, adding gold has become my signature.

By bringing this together, they become one of a kind works made from the highest quality materials. In my experience, art is a statement piece that should radiate tranquility, unity and strength. A work we want to keep looking at.

A unique bespoke work is also one of the possibilities. Through the total picture I get of you as a person and your interior, we can look together at size, color and framing. With this information I can come to a creation in which I can give shape to my creativity and inner experience with a piece of yourself.

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