Born in Spain, raised in the Netherlands, Angelo’s design talent comes from his experience in the motorcycle industry. In order to further develop his talent, he needed more freedom. He found this in sculpture. Almost everything is allowed and possible. His creativity is given more space and sculpting enables him to think and create freely.

Natural stone is the ideal material for Angelo to sculpt. Attracted by the purity, surprised by the colours and shapes, and curious about the characters of the stones.
Intense drive and inner strength give him the will to unite organic forms with the roughness of the stone in a sculpture. A process of utmost concentration; observe, dwell, contemplate; over and over again and again. Sculpting for him is inner enrichment.

His greatest source of inspirations are women; their character, sensuality, natural curves and movements. Love, respect and admiration for them inspire him to portray her in stone. The ideal sculpture for him is the one in which his soul is united with that of the model and the stone.

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