Lothar Vigelandzoon


“Always give the best – Give Love!”


Lothar Vigelandzoon

Sculptural beauty, inspired by daily life, plays an important part in Lothar Vigelandzoon’s work. He makes bronze sculptures, using the method of cire perdu. By using different patines on his sculptures he tries to soften the bronze. The realistic colored fruit, as well as the other figurative sculptures are characterized by movement and balance, and leaves sufficient space for the viewer’s own fantasy.

Lothar is able to translate an illusion into reality. As a spectator you will believe this is all real. You can see it, almost eat it. And certainly you want to touch it and feel it. The only thing you’ll want is to get into this illusion of reality. His goal is to bring joy and happiness to the owners and spectators of his artworks.

Lothar’s artworks are often referred to as “Jewels”

Lothar Vigelandzoon was born in Paramaribo, Surinam. He is now living in Vence, France, where he is active as a sculptor. He has permanent exhibitions in Paris, Cannes and St. Paul de Vence, Honfleur (France), New York, London, Borgholm (Sweden) and Porto (Portugal)